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How to Buy

How to Buy

Step 1
Please contact us (info@ken-auto-trading.com)
and get ID and password, and then, Please search the car to get the market information in the i-AUC and USS.

Step 2
Deposit is 50% of the vehicle.
Please send the deposit to our bank account by T/T.
Step 3
After we confirm your deposit, please start to search the vehicle for bid.
and then, please email us following information before bidding day.
*Vehicle name *Auction No. *Max. bidding price for the vehicle that you can accept.
(If we could successfully bid the car, the payment would be calculated according to the real bided price. For example: you give us price limit of 400,000YEN, we successfully bid it at 350,000YEN, the payment would be calculated at 350,000YEN, you could see the real bided price by yourself through i auction.)
e.g. Land Cruiser / Lot No.1443-3187 / 400,000 yen
Step 4
we will e-mail you estimated total price of FOB, C&F, & CIF.
Please e-mail us your final decision to bid or not, and then we will bid the car instead of you.
Step 5
we purchase your vehicle successfully, we will inform you the total payment within the same bidding day. Please send us the ballance of the payment by T/T within 2 days. and show us the copy of T/T. If we are not able to buy the car under your auction bidding price, we can try again in the next auction or we can reimburse the deposit back to you.
Note: Bank transmission fee (about 7,000 yen) will be deducted from the reimbursement.
If auction place is far from the port, we need additional transportation fee.
If you want to do C&F or CIF, we will add shipping charge and insurance on the payment.
If your country needs inspection, we will add the inspection fee on your payment.
Step 6
After we recieve your all payment, we will arrange your car's shipment.
If your bid is not successful ?
Do not worry.
We can send back all deposit to you.
Note: But we will deduct bank transmission fee. (about 7,000 yen) Note: After we purchase your vehicle successfully, you can not cancel your order for the vehicle.
Money Transfer Service

western union

Western Union provides Money Transfer service in Japan at Travelex stores. For more information, please click banner.

pay trade

Car View Corporation will receive commodity depo sit tentatively and take over payment execution after receiving shipment confirmation of the goods on behalf of purchasers.

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